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About our company

We are growing with our family company!

Our family started beekeeping in 1985. Experience and traditions of this business are passed down from generation to generation. Parents could not imagine that their favorite business would be a big family business. In 2010 the family company “Apiary in the Caucasus” was formed. In the Russian market the company has proved itself to be an excellent quality of its products. In the Russian market the company has shown excellent results with excellent quality of its products. Annually the quality of mountain honey is checked in an accredited laboratory and confirmed by the appropriate Certificates. In 2017 we became exporters of Mountain honey to China. The apiary is located in ecologically clean foothills of the Caucasus, at an altitude of 1000 km above sea level.

The purpose of our company “Apiary in the Caucasus” is produce natural quality mountain honey.

We work with many regions of Russia and export our products to China. Own brand, individual design of the package will satisfy the demand of connoisseurs of natural products. We are producers of Mountain honey and guarantee the quality of the products supplied from our apiary to your.

We grow together with you!


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